Terms and Conditions

Before use my photographs and videos, please read and agree the Terms and Conditions.

1. You can use for free my digital photographs and videos for personal and commercial projects.
2. You can copy, storage, share and change the photographs and videos.
3. You can't licencing or resell the photographs and videos.
4. The copyright is reserved to me, Marcelo Kato.
5. It's not necessary, but attribution is appreciated.
6. Eventually I change and update the terms and conditions without notice.
7. Eventually I change, delete, and update the photographs and videos without notice.
8. It is not necessary to notify me when you are using my photographs and videos.

The purpose of my photographs and videos is help you.
Be creative and make good use!

Marcelo Kato

Would you like to contribute a spontaneous donation?

You contribute if you want, and at whatever value you want.
Your contribution will help me with the expenses I have with the photographic activities, and also as an incentive to continue the work of providing the photos for free to everyone ;-)